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Can I embed video and music in the email newsletter

Compatibility among email clients for embedded video and music is very low. In some email clients the functionality is limited, while in others it doesn't work at all.

As such, embedding video or music is not supported in the email builder at this time. On this page we'll explain why it's better to link to video or music instead of embedding, and provide a few tips on how you can still make your design compelling.

Link to video or music instead
embed video to email newsletter

As a general rule, it is better to store multimedia content like videos and music on a website, and link to that in your email. Doing things this way:gives your subscribers the chance to more easily share and interact with the content can provide better tracking statistics, depending on the service you use to host the content gives you greater control over what your user does after they play the content.

To create a similar effect to that of an embedded video, insert a screenshot of the video in your email with a "play" symbol overlaid:

You can then link that image to wherever your video is hosted, whether on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, your own website or otherwise. If you want to catch your subscriber's eye, you could make the image in the email a short animated GIF, as a preview.

NOTE: If you still want to embed video or music in your email, you will need to custom code it.