On-Site Consulting

Program: 16 sessions | minimum order of 8 sessions 
The outcome of on-site consulting: Training of a user to be an effective Email Marketer.

Frequency: choice of 1 or 2 days per week, to cover but not limited to: 
(1.0) Improving Email Deliverability with Authentication 
(1.1) Deliverability best practice 
(1.2) Email collection methods 
(1.3) Opt-in optional, how often you've emailed. 
(2.0) List and subscriber management 
(2.1) Consolidate and grow fewer, larger lists 
(2.2) Create segments to send targeted messages 
(2.3) Enhance your insights 
(2.4) Help your sender's reputation 
(3.0) Custom Fields 
(3.1) What is it? A custom field can be used to store any data that you collect along with subscribers' names and email addresses. 
(4.0) Creating Segments 
(5.0) How to grow your list 
(6.0) Email content best practices 
(6.1) Balance images and text 
(6.2) One or two CTA (call to action) buttons 
(6.3) Optimize for mobile devices 
(6.4) Personalize your emails 
(7.0) Creating a campaign with A/B test or regular send 
(7.1) Two versions are sent to a small group of subscribers 
(7.2) Email results are compared and a winner is chosen 
(7.3) Winning version is sent to the remaining list 
(7.4) Test subject lines (choose 2 very different subject lines 
(7.5) Test elements of your email design 
(8.0) Using the email builder 
(8.1) Choose or generate personalize templates 
(9.0) Personalization & Dynamic content 
(10.0) Transactional Emails (automatically trigger emails to send after events or activities occur) 
(10.1) Registration email 
(10.2) Notification email 
(10.3) Confirmation email 
(10.4) Shopping Cart (if any)